Since 1984

Technicolour Painting has an extensive list of some of Toronto’s most prestigious addresses - covering a full spectrum of residential, and commercial properties. Below, we’ve provided a list of a few of our past clients, along with letters of reference, to assist you in your selection of a high-end, custom interior painting company.

Four Seasons Hotel
30 High Point Road
184 Alexandra Boulevard
23 Edgar Avenue
12 Stratheden Road
230 St.Leonards Avenue
36 Bennington Heights Drive
8 Nesbitt Drive
16 Rosedale Heights Drive
68 Hazelton Avenue
215 Foresthill Road
255 Warren Road
155 Cumberland Avenue
60 Binscarth Road
66 Chadleigh Avenue
2 Moorehill Drive
34 Poplar Plains Road
12 St.Margarets Drive
The Chedington Place
2 Green Valley Road
Windsor Arms
124 Park Road
65 Chestnut Park
64 South Drive
120 Inglewood Drive
9 Thornwood Road
Country Residence
Shanty Bay,
Lake Simco
Muskoka Residence
Cameron Bay,
Lake Rosseau
Summer Cottage
Sunnyside Island,
Lake Rosseau
Country Estate
Mansfield, Ontario
Winter Residence
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Ski Chalet
Collingwood, Ontario

Badminton and
Racket Club of Toronto
The Templar Hotel
Historic Properties Ltd.
Nevada Capital Inc
National Grocer
Grandmother’s Bakeshop
Bell Mobility
Epstein Cole Law Firm
Belly Maternity
Investors Group
The University Club
Up Country Interiors