Since 1984

Technicolour Painting offers a full spectrum of custom services including but not
limited to the following:


  • Custom painting
  • Wood staining and finishing
  • Wallpaper, silk, grasscloth and
    commercial vinyl installation
  • Specialty and faux finishing
  • HVLP and Airless spray applications

All successful paint finishes begin with expert surface preparation that is often more time consuming than painting itself. With reputable painting contractors, it is an unavoidable step consuming a fair amount of the overall budget. There are no shortcuts! The cheaper a quote, the more surface preparation is being avoided.


  • Power washing
  • Paint stripping
  • Carpentry repairs
  • Heritage restoration
  • Wood staining and finishing
  • Hardwood oil sealing
  • Stucco application

Nowhere is professional surface preparation more important than on exterior paint projects. How long an exterior finish lasts is directly proportional to the amount of expert preparation before applying the finish material.
Thorough knowledge of the appropriate materials used for the substrates that are being painted is essential to achieving the best possible end result.

Great care is taken on all exterior projects to minimize our impact on the surrounding gardens, plants, shrubs, and trees.


  • Custom palette selection
  • Expert colour matching
  • Preference of Low or Zero VOC materials

Quality materials last longer and look better.

The changes in paint materials are constant. As stringent new regulations and development of new technologies dominate the petrochemical industry, it is essential for all professional painting contractors to stay informed of the latest developments in their field. We attend as many manufacturer’s trade shows as possible to stay abreast of the most advanced paint materials and new innovative tools.

Materials are less costly than labour. Therefore, it is prudent business practice to spend a little more up front on quality materials to save in the long run on the overall cost of a paint project.

For a cleaner and safer environment, Technicolour Painting uses only leading manufacturer’s products and promotes the use of low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials in homes and businesses.